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Commercial Solar Panels in Melbourne

Being able to control and cut down on the expenditures of any commercial solar panels entity, has always been an integral necessity. One particular expenditure that has garnered particular attention right here in Australia, over the last few years, is that of the cost of energy generation. With many businesses looking for ways to generate even a small portion of their own energy usage, looking at the alternatives has become more of a necessity, rather than a luxury.

Purpose built, dedicated commercial solar panels, are not only beneficial for the environment, but they have also proven to be a fantastic investment in the commercial sector. These PV solar panels can slash your quarterly energy usage bills dramatically, and in some cases even generate a small profit, owing to generous, feed­in tariffs. At Think Solar, we cannot only have the right panels for your business fitted at an affordable price, but we can also have your system up and running quickly, effectively, and with as minimal disruption to you as possible.

Our Role in Commercial Solar Panels

Think Solar, a fully accredited and certified installer of commercial solar, is best placed to provide your business with a completely efficient and reliable PV solar panel installation. Utilising the best innovations and technologies emerging from the industry, you can rest assured that your PV solar panel system will provide your business with great savings, and an essential back¬up power facility.

Think Solar has successfully installed thousands of commercial solar panels in Melbourne for over half a decade, and our experience in doing so allows us to impart critical knowledge onto our clients and customers. We believe that knowledge is key, and through honest and open consultations, we can determine exactly what your business requires, ensuring you aren’t paying for something you don’t need.

What We Can Offer in Commercial Solar Panels

Think Solar, having provided only the highest quality of PV solar panels Melbourne-wide, can offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy wholesale prices on our entire range of PV solar panel systems. Providing you with Affordable Solar Quotes, as well as guiding you through all the necessary steps to ensure all CEC and STC paperwork is filled out correctly, we can enhance the return of your investment.

Think Solar can also provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your PV solar panel system will be installed with minimal disruption as our primary aim. By offering you a professional installation service, as well as a highly effective and efficient solar panel solution for your business, Think Solar is resolute in our determination to leave all of our clients entirely satisfied.

Commercial Solar Power Financing Arrangements

Think Solar understands that, for many small businesses, although the thought of your very own commercial panels in Melbourne is tempting, the initial investment is far too much. We can provide you with a commercial financing arrangement, allowing you to pay off the overall cost of your system over a period between three to seven years ¬ whichever suits your situation better.

Our commitment to providing businesses with a flexible and largely beneficial outcome, is not confined to short or long term financing either, and we can also offer you a Power Purchasing Agreement. This allows you to purchase only the energy that your business is using at a heavily discounted rate, which has been guaranteed to remain highly competitive for the foreseeable future. These options are further testament to Think Solar’s devotion to keeping the figures found in solar quotes as low as possible, making solar panels accessible for all.

The Best Products Available

We buy in bulk, Innovative and Efficient PV solar panels from a range of trusted suppliers, each of which represent the best technology available anywhere in the solar industry. Our close relationship with these PV panel providers ¬ including some of the most renowned names allows us to offer you these durable, reliable and extremely efficient systems at our incredibly affordable price.

Our PV Panel mounts are CEC approved and are made to ensure resistance against rust and high speed winds.Think Solar also specialises in customising the mounts to your business’ specific needs, allowing you to have capacity for the expansion of your system in the future, or allowing it to be as compact as possible, whatever you require.

For Commercial Solar Power System Contact Us Today

At Think Solar, we believe in a full and direct consultative process, allowing us to determine exactly what kind of PV solar panel system is best suited for your business’ needs. As fellow business owners, we understand that your time is precious, which is why we can also provide you with valuable advice and assistance in ensuring your CEC and STC paperwork is completed successfully. This allows us to help you maximise the return to your investment.

To speak to one of our expert professionals regarding anything about commercial solar panels, or to simply obtain your free quote, please call 1300 680 951 today.