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Energy Saving Tips

Go Ahead, Save Energy

Want to save energy, but unsure about where to start? Then why not start with your home, and consider adopting some of our simple, but useful tips? We have some of the best tips available,in order to help improve the quality of your environment.

Stop singing in the shower …Saving energy by enjoying the warmth but consuming less hot water

If you just love spending time in the shower, then why not consider reducing the amount of time that you are in the shower?

Hot water consumption represents a considerable part of energy used in a normal home, therefore, one of the many important ways to conserve energy is to reduce your consumption. This is not so hard to do, and you may end up finding that you have more time for other things in the morning, when you have a quicker shower.

Are you after some new appliances?

If you are about to buy new appliances for your home, make sure that you compare the Energy Rating label, so that you end up getting the absolute best for your home. Try avoiding anything that uses up a lot of energy, and keep in mind that you could be making your entire residence a lot more friendly to the environment.


Make the best use out of your windows

You can also install shades, awnings or sunscreens on windows facing north and/or west, in order to block the hot summer sun. In winter, you can open the shades on sunny days, to help warm your rooms. You can even consider replacing your windows with double glazed versions.

Put those PCs to sleep please…

Putting your PC to sleep can also be a very effective method to save energy. You can save energy using its built-in power management features, which can also help to reduce your costs.Your computers and monitors should already have power management features installed, so that they go into sleep mode after a predefined period of time.

Off does not always mean off… Save energy by unplugging and using a smart power strip

Many home electronic appliances, such as your TV, stereo, or computer, continue to consume small amounts of energy even when in an off state.

On average, 75% of electricity used for home electronic appliances is when they are turned off! So consider unplugging your appliance completely, in order to make a difference to your energy consumption.