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German solar panels Melbourne – How their success benefits us

  June 5, 2015   |     by Admin

For many years now, German solar panels have been closely associated with the desirable traits of efficiency and reliability within the renewable energy sector. That’s not just here in Australia, either. All over the world, German PV panels adorn many buildings, and the European powerhouse accounts for nearly half of all the solar power generated in the European Union, as well as triples the average output of almost every other country on earth.

Germany’s contribution to the world’s renewable energy sector, is even greater when you consider that the country is also the leading generator of wind based power. It has topped the table of generated power from wind turbines, since the technology was made popular in the late 1990’s. Germany is also only behind smaller countries, such as Denmark, Ireland and Sweden, in wind power generated per capita – an enormous amount when we look at Germany’s current population of 80.6 million people.

This unprecedented investment in the European country has hugely benefited the solar industry back here at home, especially at a time when the Australian solar industry is experiencing a tumultuous time. The importation of the highest quality German solar panels, has meant that Australia now has historically low PV solar panel prices, and the prices on solar quotes are forecast to decrease even further.

German panels are a particular favourite in the industry here at home, due to their incredible workmanship, with the panels being easy to install, and representing a highly desirable durability in all seasons. Despite the differing climates that the two countries experience, the high levels of reliability translate well for us, in a country that experiences some of the harshest weather conditions on earth.

German PV panels are also favoured by businesses looking to invest in commercial solar panels here in Australia, due in part mostly to the generous feed in tariffs for companies in their country. With a more reliable storage capacity, that has been specifically designed to aid those looking to feed into the grid, a solar panel system from the country will unlock incredible potential and financial dividends. This is despite the recent cuts towards the feed in tariff, stemming from the deregulation of the industry.

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