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Maximising the output of your solar panel system

  March 12, 2015   |     by Admin

pump sprayerEarlier this year, the Victorian government enacted new laws which signalled the end of regulated feed-in tariffs, leaving it up to the energy companies to decide how much you get back for unused power. This has particularly affected the commercial solar industry, with many companies prior to 2015 having installed extensive solar panel systems to maximise profits. Handle the trees evenly with a high pressure hand pump sprayer, choose the best one on this site. With this avenue now gone, they’re left with more power than they actually use.

Homeowners have been affected too, as one of the incentives to buy solar panels in Melbourne was the high feed-in tariff boosting the household budget. The tariff at one point was as high as 25 cents per kilowatt hour, and offset the cost of buying of electricity from the grid by almost double. Now that the average feed-in price offered by energy providers is around 6.2 cents per kW hour, this incentive is now long gone.

It is now important to understand that not using all of the energy your solar panels have stored is effectively money being thrown away, and we’re here to tell you, albeit strangely, that the best way to save money is to use electricity! Optimising the output of your electrical appliances helps to use up all of your solar energy, meaning you buy less from the grid and continue to make vital savings on your energy bills.

Below we’ve included a few ways to maximise the output of your PV solar panel’s storage, ensuring that you’re maximising the financial returns from your investment. It’s been found that the typical Australian household only uses a third of the solar energy captured from their PV panels, so maximising the potential of your PV solar system without going over its capacity can be easily accomplished.

Investing in an electric hot water heat pump

Thanks to a quick increase in technological innovation, electrically heated hot water systems are now just as effective and as efficient as their gas counterparts. The new wave of hot water heat pumps are designed to work in much the same way that refrigerators do, by using a cycle to pump heat upwards through the tank. These systems constantly keep the water at the right temperature, only turning on when the temperature drops from what has been set.

Effective room temperature controllers

Air-conditioning systems are now designed to keep interior spaces at a comfortable temperature at all times when turned on. Having them running constantly is not only a great way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but can also reduce the undersupply of your PV solar storage.

Connecting all of your home appliances to the storage unit

By using a remote access power system (RAPS), you can convert all of your direct current power appliances to the solar supply of your panels. RAPS are normally used as a backup for when the power grid goes through complete blackouts or experiences brownouts, and are seldom used to their capacity. Many items that can be connected to this system that are commonly found in the home are your fridge, oven, interior lights and television.

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