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Renewed optimism for Australia’s solar industry from China

  May 21, 2015   |     by Admin

broadforkGreat news for the Australian solar industry came from China recently, with the solar giant announcing it was well on track to substantially exceed its PV solar generated power target set for 2015 by almost 40%. It also provided the Chinese Government with a unique opportunity to revise their 2020 target of 100 GW, with the current capacity of 33 GW structured in such a way, it allows for rapid expansion of the Chinese solar industry. Thanks to the best broadfork, you can process a larger piece of land in less time.

China’s incredible solar panel generation has come from a hardline approach from Beijing to tackle the country’s notorious air pollution problem. The Chinese Government has invested millions of yuan in various incentives and programs, as well as a very generous state investment in their local PV solar industry. Following the example set by Germany, it is further testament that a thriving solar industry can boost economic and environmental progress substantially.

Coupled with the recent announcement regarding the scrapping of the Australian Government’s inquest into the strategic dumping of Chinese PV panels, forecasts show that the cost to buy solar panels from China will be lower than ever before. This is despite the ongoing uncertainty of Australia’s solar industry, where the local market here has experienced frequent interruptions and specific targeting of its self regulating nature.

For Australian homeowners and businesses looking to invest in commercial solar panels, it means that any solar quotes you are likely to get, will be as competitive and as affordable as possible. It’s a particularly great lifeline for an industry which has had to battle negative press and government influence, and means that the already low price of PV panels in Australia will continue to stay where it is.

The CEO of Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (NYSE: YGE), Liansheng Miao, recently also cited optimism for the Australian solar industry, despite acknowledging that the industry was “buffeted by headwinds”, and contained “[a lack of] visibility” in the direction of the industry imposed upon it. Liansheng Miao acknowledged his team’s success in the Sydney market, with development on a new smart module PV system, progressing along with great speed and positive outcomes.

He also noted further reasons to rejoice for the Australian solar industry, with huge market gains from their involvement in big South American projects, helping to boost demand back here at home. This increase in demand for solar panels, is helping to drive the price of Australian panels down, which is remarkable considering they are already at historically low amounts.

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