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Residential Solar Panels Installer

All across Victoria, thousands of homeowners have realised the potential that dedicated residential solar panels can offer. Despite the uncertainty regarding the residential solar industry and the renewable energy target recently, there are still huge incentives, benefits and subsidies available, that still make the prospect of purchasing a PV system a valuable one. At Think Solar, we cannot only guide you through the subsidy process, but we can also assist you in maximising the return of your initial investment.

We can directly consult with you, to ensure that you’re getting only the right type of residential PV panel system for the specific needs and requirements of your home. Through the strategic placement and installation of a PV solar panel system, the average home on a 1.5 kW system can save up to a third on their power bills. However, it’s the gift of a clear conscience that you’re contributing to working towards a sustainable environment, that makes investing in a home PV system all the more worthwhile.

Solar Power System for House

When we are asked to install solar panels for homes or residential solar panels in Melbourne, we endeavour to guarantee our cherished customers two things: A full consultative approach to ensure that their needs are met, and our trademark high quality of service and installation. Think Solar, through a tried and trusted consultative and professional approach, has delivered on these promises, and is the reason why we are a leading provider of solar panels in Melbourne.

We understand the underlying reservations that comes with the advent of new technology, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that we provide only the most accurate solar quotes that you will find anywhere. We do not engage in high pressure sales tactics, as we believe an integral part of our job is that of educator, and we only ever recommend the best value system that will most benefit you.

No Job too Big or too Small – Residential Solar Power Systems

Victoria has a wide variety of different sized and shaped homes, and with the experience that comes with over half a decade of high quality installations, Think Solar is best placed to tailor your PV system to your home’s individual needs. Whether it be a smaller system for an inner city townhouse, or a more comprehensive, off-the-grid system intended for larger, more rural properties, Think Solar is here for you.

Our professionally refined installation procedure also allows us to provide you with a PV solar panel system with minimal disruption to your daily routine, allowing you to possess peace of mind throughout the duration of your installation. This, in turn with our cost-effective solutions for residential solar panel systems, makes us best placed to provide you with only the highest quality service at the most affordable price.

100% Accredited and Delivering the Best Products Available

Utilising the best quality of PV solar panels available anywhere today, Think Solar can provide you with a long lasting and efficient system for your home. We source our products from only trusted and proven companies – along with new innovations in the industry emerging from Germany – so you can rest assured that you’re getting incredible value for your investment in a PV solar panel system.

On top of this, our panel mounts are engineered to be completely weather resistant throughout all of the extreme, seasonal changes that are prevalent in Victoria. Powder coated to be as resistant as possible from rust, and designed to be completely wind resistant in even the most extreme conditions, your solar panel system supplied by Think Solar will prove to be highly reliable throughout the year.

Zero Deposit Plans Available for Home Solar Power Systems

We are solely committed to ensuring that you have the best solar panels available on the market today, at the lowest price possible, which is why we offer a range of flexible options for homeowners. With Think Solar’s zero deposit smart plan, you can get all of the great attributes that come with owning your very own PV panel system, quicker and more accessible than ever before.

Our flexible, zero deposit options will allow you to:

  • Purchase your own PV solar panel system with no upfront costs attached, allowing you to save immediately on your power bills
  • Repay your purchase in time periods between 24 and 40 months
  • Repay your purchase either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, whichever best suits your situation
  • Incur no penalties if you repay the purchase earlier than otherwise agreed upon

For further enquiries on our residential, zero deposit smart plan, please do not hesitate to call us today on 1300 680 951. Alternatively, you can also fill out an enquiry form and send it to our staff, who will endeavour to respond to your query as soon as possible.