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Solar FAQ’S

Some of your frequently asked questions with regards to your system

How much weight will the solar system put on my roof?

Think solar systems are light weight but with very strong Aluminium mounting frames, while distributing a total weight of just 10 to 12 kg per sq mts.

How will I know if my system is performing to its max potential on a day to day basis?

Readings from the digital display on the inverter, or connect the inverter to PC for information. Also required information can be obtained from the power box meter.

How much roof space is required?

Required roof space varies from system to system, as our solar consultant would be the best person to guide you with regards to required space and direction of the roof facing the sun. Approximately for every kilowatt (KW) of a system requires about 7.4 square metres of roof space, so an average residential solar system needs between 10.5 and 34 square metres.

Whom shall I contact for my warranties in future?

All your dealings regarding warranties will be with Think Solar to ensure fast and quick response regarding the situation & making it easier for our Customers as of for a one point contact for all its need.

What performance guarantee do I get on panels and inverters?

All the panels used by Think Solar are backed up with 25 years power output guarantee, ensuring that the panel will deliver a minimum of 90% output performance up till 10years and a minimum of 80% output performance up to 25 years. As they are of highest quality ensuring minimum loss in the transition.

Does the price quoted include all necessary metering changes and paperwork for my local electricity supplier?

No – Let’s explain,

New PV electricity system is installed in Customer’s home by our BCSE accredited install team.

Installers leave a copy of installation report in the switch board and contact Energy Safe inspector to come and check install .This is prescribed as installing a new PV system which is considered electrical install as it generates power.

The inspector then faxes a copy to the Customers energy retailer i.e. AGL, ORIGIN, RED ENERGY, etc are requiring the installation of a new digital/smart meter if required.

The Customers energy retailer then arranges install of new meter with respective energy wholesaler i.e. – Citi power, Jemena, Powercor, SP Ausnet

Energy Wholesaler then contacts the Customer and then arranges install of new meter, and charge is generally between $120 -$170.

How long do solar PV systems last?

Think Solars most PV System are expected to last anywhere between 25 to 40 years. Our most manufacturers assure that in 25 years, the panel will be still be delivering a min of 80% electricity output efficiency. Most inverters manufacturers offer up to a 5year warranty, however Think solars manufacturers doubles it up to 10 years, Think Solar also gives warranties on its cablings & workmanship for a min period of 10 years, while few or no other companies would give this warranty, but Think solar offers it as it only uses “A-Grade” high quality genuine products only making buying for their Customer a reliable experience.

What is the lead time for the system installation?

The lead time from signing up to the PV system is generally between 8 to 12 weeks.

Who handles all the paperwork & RECs when I sign with Think solar?

Yes – ThinkSolar’s team handles all the paperwork and RECs making things quicker and a pleasant buying experience for the Customer.

Is the designer accredited by Clean Energy Council?

Yes, our designer is accredited by Clean Energy Council and also a registered electrician; our installers are licensed to install meters that allow our grid connected systems to have more benefit of the feed in tariff.

Who Designs my system?

Solar PV System designers accredited by Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC, formerly BCSE) designs all our systems. Accreditation is for the design and installation both grid connected and standalone system.

How does Solar system affect my home’s value?

Overseas studies show that solar power system will increase the value of your home. The study done in USA also concludes that saving of $1 every year on energy cost adds $20 to a home’s value, at this stages, at his stage no such similar studies have been initiated in Australia.

What size systems do I Need?

Selecting the right system for your house is very important as it depends up on various factors such as how much electricity you use, type of feed in tariff available in your state, available roof space and many other important factors, Hence a healthy discussion with our solar consultant is advisable as he guides you through to all stages for selecting the best suitable system for your house.

Just in case you have any questions out of the above list, please fill out an enquiry form and we will try our best to find an answer for you.