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At Think Solar FREE Solar Quotes Melbourne wide. We providing you solar quotes with an unbeatable regarding our entire range of PV solar panels and the services we provide. Our unique placement as a solar panel wholesaler makes us ideally placed to pass on generous panel prices directly to our valued customers. We can ensure that, not only are you getting the highest quality of PV panels available on the market today, but that our prices are also highly competitive, on top of the energy savings that come with a mounted PV system.

Why should you invest in Solar Panels?

With the recent skyrocketing of electricity consumption prices ­ as well as the ever expanding awareness of the necessity of a sustainable environment ­ there has been an energy industry led push to move away from the conventional use of fossil fuels. At the heart of this advancement has been the greater solar panel industry, led by technological innovation and the promise of a better future for everyone.

On top of the environmental concerns that the solar industry directly addresses, the implementation of your very own PV system, can provide a wide range of individual benefits, including:

  • Significant reduction in regular energy bills
  • An increase in your property’s overall value
  • Tax deductibility for those in possession of an ABN
  • High levels of return from your initial investment

How does Solar Work?

Solar panels are essentially hundreds of tiny cells, which we call photovoltaic cells (PV), and are engineered to generate power for use by an inverter or fuel­-based turbine in a similar way to magnetised energy. These PV cells are commonly made of two silicon sheets, coated in boron and phosphorous, which act as the positive and negative semiconductor. These cells, when combined together in a PV module, can generate the energy required for the average home’s daily use.

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Think Solar is dedicated to providing residential and commercial properties in Melbourne, with only the best quality of PV panels available in the industry today. We can provide you with unbeatable solar quotes on our entire range of PV panels, with economical solar panels in the Australian solar market.  If you are looking for free solar quotes then, contact us today by calling one of our solar experts on 1300 680 951, and let us help you get started with your own super efficient and incredibly reliable solar panel system!