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Does the price quoted include all necessary metering changes and paperwork for my local electricity supplier?

  December 13, 2017   |     by Admin

No – Let’s explain,

New PV electricity system is installed in Customer’s home by our BCSE accredited install team.

Installers leave a copy of installation report in the switch board and contact Energy Safe inspector to come and check install .This is prescribed as installing a new PV system which is considered electrical install as it generates power.

The inspector then faxes a copy to the Customers energy retailer i.e. AGL, ORIGIN, RED ENERGY, etc are requiring the installation of a new digital/smart meter if required.

The Customers energy retailer then arranges install of new meter with respective energy wholesaler i.e. – Citi power, Jemena, Powercor, SP Ausnet

Energy Wholesaler then contacts the Customer and then arranges install of new meter, and charge is generally between $120 -$170.