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The next big thing in the solar panel industry – Shingles

  March 5, 2015   |     by Admin

scoop free cat litter boxDespite the incredible energy savings and remarkable benefits to the environment we live in, residential solar systems have had to put up with a common downside – they aren’t attractive! No matter how well designed the solar panel mounts are, they can still be large and clunky, often detracting from the overall look of the home they have been installed to. You no longer have to worry about cleaning up the cat with a new scoop free cat litter box that works automatically. Now there is an efficient, energy saving, solar panel measure that can blend in to the roof of your home.

Solar shingles are designed to mimic conventional roof tiles, and are directly fitted into the shape of your existing roof, removing the requirement of unsightly, solar panel mounts. Truthfully, solar shingles have been available since 2005. However, a worldwide drop in solar panel prices, and a refinement of the efficiency of solar shingles, have now meant that this once expensive alternative, is now entirely affordable.

How do solar shingles work?

Solar shingles work nearly identically to regular PV solar panels, with photovoltaic cells absorbing the energy generated from the sun and converting this energy into heat or electricity when required. The only difference is the additional functionality of shingles, as an effective way to tile and decorate the roof of your home. Solar shingles are waterproof, and can also assist in the insulation of your household.

Due to their appearance as a regular roof shingle, these solar cells are barely noticeable at street level, meaning you may have walked past a home with shingles installed and did not even know it!

What are the benefits of solar shingles?

Apart from the increased savings on your energy bill and their relatively low cost, solar shingles have been found to add value to the property that they are installed onto. Businesses especially benefit from this, as commercial solar shingles help companies project a clean, attractive visual for their brand. The lack of PV mounts also makes roof maintenance a lot easier for both residential and commercial buildings.

Solar shingles are also much quicker and easier to install than regular mounted panels, and the lack of a panel mount ensures that shingles are much easier to maintain too.

How much do solar shingles cost?

When taking into account the necessity of having to re-tile your roof, and that shingle efficiency is now equal to that of the conventional solar panel, solar shingles are much more cost effective. The ease of installation, due to not having to provide a panel mount for solar shingles, ensures that the cost of installation is kept very low in comparison to solar panels for sale.

Solar shingles effectively mean that the days of constantly maintaining your roof are over, as shingles are incredibly durable and last for a very long time. Having solar shingles installed not only saves on your power bill, but also the maintenance of your home as a whole.

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