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Three things you need to know regarding your solar panel purchase

  February 24, 2015   |     by Admin

With the drop in PV solar panel prices, and an increase in efficiency of the units, there really has never been a better time to invest in residential or commercial solar panel systems. There aren’t many negative points either, with the current buy rate for small-scale technology certificates hovering nicely around $30, meaning huge rebate savings.

Despite all of the good feelings around solar, however, there are still many facets that require consideration when you want to buy solar panels in Melbourne that are of high quality. Unfortunately, there have been some concerns recently regarding high pressure sales tactics employed by those in the industry.

With a lot of technical knowledge and warranty information for you to consider, it’s important for you to know exactly what to look for when you buy solar panels. The team at Think Solar has come up with three of the most vital deal breakers when purchasing your solar panel system.


An often overlooked aspect of obtaining solar quotes is the warranty on the panels themselves. Solar panel warranty is a very important indication of not only the longevity of your panels, but also their efficiency. Solar panel warranties that cover a long period of time will always have a higher efficiency rate, and will allow the panels to pay themselves off much quicker.

You should also research the status of the company that has manufactured your panels. If the manufacturer is no longer in business, then you will not get a refund for any faulty manufacturing. The solar panel installer can’t be held responsible either, as the fault lies solely with the company that made the panel. Always ask your installer to provide only the most recent panels from trusted companies.

Panel Mounting

The Australian climate is harsh and variable. With the country experiencing many different conditions, it’s essential that you select the proper mounts for your solar panels. Panel mounts are tailor made to certain weather patterns, therefore, you can purchase cyclone resistant mounts if you were to live in Queensland, for example.

Many mounts, however, will have wind resistance as standard, and you should always insist on wind resistant mounts from your PV panel provider. Warranty, again, is vital, as buckling or joint fatigue will lower the efficiency of the solar panels themselves.

Solar Panel Certificates

Small-scale technology certificates are essentially a currency, allowing you to claim back the government rebate on your panel installation. Efficient panel systems will generally provide up to 40 of these STC’s over 15 years, equating to approximately $1200 in savings without including the savings made on your energy bills.

However, there is a lot of paperwork regarding the validity of STC’s, and it’s advisable to insist to your installer that you’re making the purchase from them solely, rather than the manufacturer. This will make them responsible for the paperwork, ensuring that you obtain your STC’s relatively easier. STC’s are also a vital indication that your solar panels are up to Australian standards, and it’s also important that you get a proof of certification prior to installation.

If you are unsure about anything regarding this article, you can always trust the friendly team at Think Solar to guide you through the process. With our extensive experience in hassle free PV solar panel installation, we are best suited to consult you on the correct steps to ensure you’re only getting the highest quality product. Call us today on 1300 680 951 to obtain a free, no obligation quote.