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Two key aspects of a high performance PV solar panel

  April 8, 2015   |     by Admin

soccer rebounder wallA common question we find being asked more frequently in the industry, is what exactly goes into making the best solar panels available on the market today? Understanding the composition of your PV panels is an important step to becoming an informed consumer, and can help you avoid unscrupulous dealings in the future. Thanks to the soccer rebounder wall, your workouts will be more effective, and blows are more accurate.

Below, we’ve listed two of the main composition factors that you should look out for when you next buy solar panels. Most of these are based around the efficiency and capacity of the PV cells itself, and will normally have a direct influence on the amount of energy you are gaining from your PV panel system. A vital factor to remember is that the price of solar panels for sale will not usually reflect on their quality, as there are far too many circumstances involved to note a recommended retail price.


For businesses, the tolerance of your commercial solar panels is pivotal to what you should be investing in. When we speak of the tolerance, we are referring to the actual capacity of the panels themselves, and not what is listed – similar to the difference between horsepower and brake horsepower. Tolerance is measured in figures of minus or positive, with a minus figure indicating your panels are running under capacity, and a positive meaning they run over.

Running over capacity is rare, but is a clear indication that your panels are working beyond their potential and are extremely efficient.

Silicon Quality

The quality of the silicon used in your PV solar panels can mean the difference between your system working efficiently as intended or falling drastically below its capacity. Silicon is measured in grades, with the lowest being found in items such as USB drives, and the higher grades found in more intricate, scientific computer equipment. This affects the residential solar panels industry in particular, as many upstart panel fitters use lower grade silicon.

Be sure to check on the silicon grade of your new panels to ensure that they are in the top tier of silicon grade available.

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